Pre-Arranged  Sparring


It is practised, as the name denotes, under pre-arranged modes with various assumptions, for example the number of steps to be taken, the target to be attacked and the attacking tool to be used are agreed upon before-hand between the players.  The various examples of sparring merely serve as a guide for the purpose of exercise, therefore they are subject to change according to the individual's choice or situation.

Basic Principles:

1     Both players (X and Y) stand at a full length distance apart of the stance to be
       taken for attack, from the front half of the opponent's foot, facing each other.
2     Bow to each other before and after each exercise.
3     Gaze at the opponent's eyes at all times.
4     Attack and defense are conducted alternately between X and Y players.
5     Block should be executed just before the attacking tool reaches the vital spot
       with an appropriate motion.
6     Dodge must be made to such a distance as to enable the counter-attack to be
       conducted easily in one motion.
7     Counter-attack should be executed immediately after the last defense.
8     Apply techniques learned from either pattern or fundamental exercise.
9     Exercise right (attack and defense) and left (attack and defense) equally.
10   Counter-attack should be limited to one time.