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International Karate Hall of Fame

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GM Dunn
Black Belt Hall of Fame

GM Dunn Black Belt Training Class

Tucson, Arizona  2013

GM Dunn Black Belt Training Class

Macon, GA  2013

GM Dunn inducted into the

Taekwon-Do Hall of Fame, 2017

What is a Grandmaster?

A Grandmaster is someone that has the ability to inspire Master Instructors to reach their personal goals by the example that he sets for himself. He uses positive reinforcement and encouragement to build a Master Instructor/Grandmaster relationship. A Grandmaster must possess integrity and character to train his Master Instructors to become Grandmasters. A Grandmaster’s goal is to cultivate and develop the Master Instructors by putting the needs of the Master Instructors’ first. It is imperative that the Grandmaster does everything in his power to promote the success of the individual schools under his authority. Respect is a two-way street; it must be earned, not demanded. A grandmaster must have an open mind and be prepared to listen to the needs of the Master Instructors, allowing them to exercise their authority according to their rank. How will they learn to become a Grandmaster, if they are not allowed to lead? The “Ideal” association or federation would be one that is “Committee” driven. One where the Master Instructors of the organization are split up into various committees and actually run the organization. This eliminates a “dictatorship” and allows the Master Instructors to develop the necessary skills to become the Grandmaster in the future, what do you think? An integral part of learning and maturing as a Master Instructor is being allowed to make decisions. Even a bad decision can be corrected, it is better than no decision at all… A grandmaster should always seek out his Master Instructors and ask the question, “What do you think”? You may have already made your decision, but when you allow the Master Instructors the opportunity to grow by asking questions, you continue to groom them towards becoming a Grandmaster. When the Grandmaster recognizes that he is wrong about something, he should say so and seek the advice of qualified counsel within his ranks. This teaches the Master Instructors to be a humble servant, yet wise enough to be worthy to lead. There are no bad Master Instructors, there are bad Grandmasters. The Grandmaster must have a “Vision for the future” of his students, the Bible tells us in Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish”…

                                      Grandmaster Dunn Through The Years




Grandmaster Robert Dunn History

• Grandmaster Robert Dunn started his martial arts training in (2) Japanese styles of karate called Go-Ju and Shorei.

• 1969, Grandmaster Robert Dunn was exposed to a new and exciting Korean martial art called Taekwon-Do.

• 1970, Grandmaster Robert Dunn opened his first Taekwon-Do school.

• 1987, Grandmaster Eung Choon Ahn, the President of the Hae-San Martial Arts Association certified Grandmaster Robert Dunn as an International Judge.

• 1988, Grandmaster Robert Dunn was inducted into the International Karate Hall of Fame by Dan Soward president of the International Karate Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, NV

• 1989, Grandmaster Robert Dunn was contracted to teach the Art of Taekwon-Do to Peruvian troops in Lima, Peru.

•  2009, on February 21st Grandmaster Robert Dunn was promoted to Grandmaster 9th. Dan Black Belt by Grandmaster Eung Choon Ahn in Macon, Georgia

•  2013, Grandmaster Robert Dunn was inducted into the Black Belt Karate Hall of Fame by Jeff Helaney the president of the Black Belt Hall of Fame in Omaha, Nebraska

•  2013, Grandmaster Robert Dunn establishes a European International Headquarters in Crawley, England under the direction of Master Keith Finch, International Vice-President of the JTF.

•  2013, Grandmaster Robert Dunn establishes a Caribbean International Headquarters in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico under the direction of Master Alfredo Hernandez, International Vice-President of the JTF.

•  2013, Grandmaster Robert Dunn establishes JTF International schools around the world

•  2014, Grandmaster Robert Dunn is Recognized by the Black Belt Hall of Fame and Awarded the Pioneer & Legends Award from Grandmaster Jeff Helaney.

•  2016, Grandmaster Robert Dunn is Recognized by the Black Belt Hall of Fame and Awarded the Founder's Award from Grandmaster Jeff Helaney

•  2017, Grandmaster Robert Dunn is Inducted into the Official Taekwon-Do Hall of Fame and Recognized as a Pioneer of Taekwon-Do in the New York City Ceremony.


Grandmaster Robert Dunn has held steadfast to the traditional teachings of Taekwon-Do and its original Chang-Hon patterns, in order to preserve the Art of Taekwon-Do in its traditional form for coming generations…