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Real people with real experience helping you to plan out your dreams…


Take corporate travel out of the hands of employees and hand it over to the professionals. World Travel Mates takes care of everything for you including accommodations, meeting spaces, ground transportations—in addition to getting you the best services for a price that fits your company’s needs. Stop spending time doing extensive research and call on World Travel Mates and their one-stop service to take care of all the essentials for your company’s travel and events.

Going on an adventure? Let us customize one for you. Utilize World Travel Mates years of hands-on experience to help you plan the trip of a lifetime somewhere remote, unique, and exciting.

There is always time to enjoy the classics—London, Paris, Rome—and World Travel Mates knows how to turn these trips into something exceptional. The professional staff can start your day by getting you early entrance tickets to enjoy your must-see attraction in a more private way or an intimate candle light dinner at the Eiffel Tower to end your day in spectacular fashion.

For a truly unique experience, the experts at World Travel Mates prepare one-of-a-kind trips that will leave you breathless with awe and wonder.


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Agent Name - Tracy Beaver